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A 9-Month Cruise Sparks TikTok’s Obsession with Reality TV

TikTok has discovered its new favorite reality show, but this one isn’t on television. It’s taking place on Royal Caribbean’s Ultimate World 9-Month Cruise, a nine-month-long voyage that has captured the attention of social media users around the world. As the ship sets sail, TikTok has become flooded with videos from both passengers and spectators eagerly looking for the potential drama that could unfold during the long journey.

With hashtags like #UltimateWorldCruise gaining millions of views, TikTok users are transforming themselves into virtual cast members, speculating on everything from petty neighbor drama to a potential pirate takeover. While the cruise may seem mundane to those on the ship, it has become a sensational online spectacle, leaving many wondering if this trend could change the future of reality TV forever.


In recent months, TikTok users have become captivated by the Ultimate World Cruise offered by Royal Caribbean. The social media app has been inundated with videos exploring and speculating about the potential drama that could unfold during the nine-month voyage. With hashtags like #UltimateWorldCruise garnering over 138 million views, TikTok users have turned the unwitting passengers into overnight celebrities.

TikTok’s Obsession with the Ultimate World 9-Month Cruise

Introduction to TikTok’s interest in the Ultimate World Cruise

TikTok has become enthralled with the Ultimate World Cruise, as users speculate about the drama that could unfold during the extensive voyage. Videos from passengers chronicling their experiences have captivated users, leading to the creation of a unique reality TV-like phenomenon on the app.

The popularity of videos with the #UltimateWorldCruise hashtag

Videos featuring the #UltimateWorldCruise hashtag have garnered massive attention on TikTok, accumulating over 138 million views. Social media users have been dissecting and analyzing the videos shared by passengers, turning them into unintentional celebrities and fueling the TikTok reality TV trend.

Comparisons to previous TikTok reality TV trends

TikTok creators have previously capitalized on videos posted by others to create their own genre of online reality TV. One notable example is the fixation on the University of Alabama’s sorority rush, which became an internet sensation known as #BamaRush. This new trend surrounding the Ultimate World Cruise follows a similar pattern, with the truth behind the content often becoming less important than the entertainment value.

Overview of the Ultimate World Cruise and its record-breaking length

The Ultimate World Cruise offered by Royal Caribbean is the longest cruise ever provided by the cruise line, with a duration of 274 nights. The voyage visits 65 countries and has fares starting at $53,999 per person, excluding taxes and fees. The Serenade of the Seas, the ship hosting the cruise, has a passenger capacity of 2,476, although specific onboard occupancy numbers have not been confirmed.

Fares and capacity of the Serenade of the Seas

Fares for the Ultimate World Cruise range from $53,999 to $117,599 per person, depending on the chosen accommodations and exclude taxes and fees. The Serenade of the Seas, the ship hosting the cruise, has a capacity of 2,476 guests. However, the exact number of passengers currently aboard has not been disclosed by Royal Caribbean.

TikTok creators becoming involved in the cruise ‘reality show’

TikTok users, such as Beth Fletcher, a photographer from Derbyshire, England, have embraced the Ultimate World Cruise as their own reality TV show. Fletcher began posting videos discussing the cruise and introducing fellow passengers she identified through their TikTok accounts as “cast members.” Other creators dedicated to covering the cruise have emerged, further fueling the TikTok reality show trend.

Speculation on the future of reality TV

The current fascination with the Ultimate World Cruise on TikTok has led to speculation about its potential impact on future reality TV trends. Some believe that this trend could fade away, while others think it could revolutionize the genre by introducing a new way of creating and consuming reality content.

TikTok Personalities on the Ultimate World Cruise

Beth Fletcher’s discovery of the cruise on TikTok

Beth Fletcher, a photographer from Derbyshire, England, stumbled upon the Ultimate World Cruise on TikTok and became instantly captivated. Her interest in the cruise propelled her to create content about it on the platform, introducing other passengers she discovered through their TikTok accounts as “cast members.”

The emergence of other TikTok accounts dedicated to the cruise

Following Beth Fletcher’s lead, other TikTok creators began dedicating their accounts to documenting the Ultimate World Cruise experience. These creators offer updates, breaking news, predictions, and discussions about the cruise, further amplifying its status as a TikTok reality TV phenomenon.

Joe Martucci’s unexpected TikTok success

Joe Martucci, a 67-year-old retiree from St. Cloud, Florida, unexpectedly gained TikTok fame by posting videos from the Ultimate World Cruise. With the handle “@spendingourkidsmoney,” Martucci and his wife, known as “Cruise Mum & Dad,” share their daily experiences on the cruise, garnering a significant following and capturing the attention of TikTok users.

Concerns about manufactured drama and fan accounts

While TikTok creators like Joe Martucci have enjoyed positive attention, concerns have arisen regarding the potential for manufactured drama and the proliferation of fan accounts dedicated to drumming up excitement. Some passengers worry that creators are exploiting their experiences solely for views and followers.

Passenger connections and group chats

Despite the unexpected fame and attention, passengers on the Ultimate World Cruise have forged connections with each other. They have formed group chats and even met in person to discuss their sudden popularity and navigate their newfound status as TikTok stars.

The Lack of Drama on the Ultimate World Cruise

Grumblings about unequal treatment of passengers

Despite the lack of significant drama thus far, there have been murmurs about certain passengers receiving unequal treatment based on their customer tier. While these grumblings have not escalated into major controversies, they indicate potential sources of tension aboard the cruise.

The incident involving Brandee Lake being mistaken for a crew member

One incident did generate attention when Brandee Lake, a Black content creator and cruise passenger, shared a video detailing how she was mistaken for a crew member twice—once by a fellow passenger and once by a staff member. While the extent of any resolution or interaction between Lake and Royal Caribbean remains undisclosed, the incident raised awareness about potentially concerning interactions on the cruise.

Mundane daily activities and the search for drama

Despite the TikTok community’s fascination with the Ultimate World Cruise, the videos shared by passengers often depict mundane daily activities. Passengers describe participating in activities like Zumba classes, enjoying meals, and engaging in evening programming. As a result, some users have struggled to find the anticipated drama and excitement they had hoped for.


TikTok’s fascination with the Ultimate World Cruise has turned the nine-month voyage into an unexpected reality show phenomenon on the platform. The popularity of videos with the #UltimateWorldCruise hashtag indicates a significant interest in the cruise and the potential for drama to unfold during the voyage. This unique trend showcases the power of social media in shaping and redefining reality TV and may influence future trends within the genre.

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