You are currently viewing Fairmont Ramla Serviced Residences Riyadh: An Unmatched Luxury Living Experience

Fairmont Ramla Serviced Residences Riyadh: An Unmatched Luxury Living Experience

Fairmont Ramla Serviced Residences Riyadh, Fairmont’s first serviced residences in KSA, is ready to welcome guests to an unmatched luxury living experience. With its magnificent 35 floors and a blend of Saudi heritage and modern luxury, the property offers 249 exquisite residences ranging from spacious suites to penthouses. The residence seamlessly combines opulence with rich cultural details, providing guests with unforgettable journeys. It boasts two rooftop infinity pools, state-of-the-art gyms, and a Falcon Kids Club for families. Additionally, Fairmont Ramla features a range of dining experiences, meeting rooms, and a private cinema room. General Manager Muhieddine Zok expresses excitement for this new beacon of luxury in Riyadh, promising warmth, comfort, and unparalleled luxury to all guests.


Fairmont Ramla Serviced Residences Riyadh, located in the vibrant heart of Riyadh, offers unmatched luxury living and a unique lifestyle experience. With its magnificent 35 floors, this architectural masterpiece stands tall as a symbol of opulent living and sophistication. The property, jointly unveiled by Fairmont Hotels and Resorts in partnership with Naif AL Rajhi Investment, seamlessly blends authentic Saudi heritage with modern luxury apartments.


Fairmont Ramla Serviced Residences Riyadh is now open to the public, welcoming guests to a world of unparalleled luxury. With 249 exquisite residences, ranging from spacious one-bedroom suites to four-bedroom penthouses, this property promises an unforgettable journey immersed in rich cultural details. Whether guests are traveling for business or pleasure, Fairmont Ramla offers a sense of home during extended stays.

Property Details

Overview of Fairmont Ramla

Fairmont Ramla is Fairmont’s first serviced residences in Saudi Arabia, setting a precedent with its luxury branded accommodations. The property brings together the best of Saudi heritage and modern luxury, providing guests with a unique and luxurious experience. With its prime location in the vibrant heart of Riyadh, Fairmont Ramla serves as a gateway to the city’s attractions and business opportunities.

249 Residences

With 249 residences, Fairmont Ramla offers a range of accommodations to suit the needs of all guests. From spacious one-bedroom suites to lavish four-bedroom penthouses, each residence is beautifully designed to provide comfort, luxury, and a sense of home. Guests can choose the perfect residence for their stay, whether it’s for a short visit or an extended period.

Authentic Saudi Heritage

Fairmont Ramla seamlessly blends authentic Saudi heritage with modern luxury. The property incorporates traditional elements and cultural details throughout its design, creating a unique and immersive experience for guests. From the architecture to the interior decor, every aspect of Fairmont Ramla reflects the rich Saudi heritage.

Range of Apartment Sizes

Fairmont Ramla offers a range of apartment sizes to accommodate different guest preferences. Whether guests are traveling alone or with their families, there is a residence that suits their needs. From cozy one-bedroom suites to spacious four-bedroom penthouses, guests can choose the perfect accommodation for their stay.

Leisure Facilities

Rooftop Infinity Pools

Fairmont Ramla boasts two stunning rooftop infinity pools that offer a luxurious and relaxing experience for guests. Surrounded by panoramic views of Riyadh’s cityscape, these pools provide the perfect setting for guests to unwind and enjoy the sunshine. Whether guests prefer to swim or lounge by the poolside, the rooftop infinity pools offer a serene and breathtaking experience.

State-of-the-art Gyms

For guests who prioritize their fitness and well-being, Fairmont Ramla offers two state-of-the-art gyms. These gyms are equipped with modern exercise equipment and provide a wide range of facilities for guests to maintain their fitness routines. Whether guests prefer cardio exercises or strength training, the state-of-the-art gyms at Fairmont Ramla provide a haven for wellness enthusiasts.

Breathtaking Cityscape Views

Fairmont Ramla’s leisure facilities offer guests breathtaking views of Riyadh’s cityscape. Whether guests are enjoying a swim in the rooftop infinity pools or working out in the gyms, they are greeted with panoramic views of the city. The stunning vistas create a sense of tranquility and awe, enhancing the overall experience of staying at Fairmont Ramla.

Falcon Kids Club

Fairmont Ramla caters to families with its Falcon Kids Club, a sanctuary for young guests aged 4-12. Within this enchanting world, children can enjoy educational and sporting adventures while allowing parents to steal away moments of relaxation. The Falcon Kids Club provides a safe and engaging space for children to have fun and make lasting memories.

Dining Experiences

Fairmont Ramla offers a range of dining experiences to satisfy every guest’s unique palate. From gourmet specialties to international flavors, guests can indulge in a culinary journey within the property itself. Some of the dining venues at Fairmont Ramla include:

Jones the Grocer

Jones the Grocer is a gourmet specialty venue that presents a blend of international flavors. Guests can indulge in a range of delicious dishes prepared with the finest ingredients. From breakfast to dinner, Jones the Grocer offers a culinary experience that caters to diverse tastes.

The View Lounge

The View Lounge serves its specialty dishes against the backdrop of stunning city views. Guests can enjoy a delightful dining experience while taking in the breathtaking vistas of Riyadh’s skyline. The ambiance of The View Lounge adds an extra touch of luxury to the dining experience.

The Thirty-Five Lounge

The Thirty-Five Lounge offers a unique dining experience with its specialty dishes and stylish ambiance. Guests can relax and enjoy delicious food and drinks while taking in the panoramic views of the city. The Thirty-Five Lounge is the perfect spot for a sophisticated and memorable dining experience.

Ramla Terraza

Ramla Terraza operates as a lifestyle-oriented destination, offering guests a variety of food selections. From casual dining to fine cuisine, Ramla Terraza caters to diverse tastes and preferences. Guests can enjoy a range of culinary delights in a vibrant and lively atmosphere.

Brute Steakhouse

Brute Steakhouse is a dedicated steakhouse at Fairmont Ramla, featuring a selection of quality meat cuts. Guests can indulge in mouthwatering steaks and other meat dishes prepared with expertise and precision. Brute Steakhouse offers a dining experience tailored to meat lovers.

CLAP Japanese Cuisine

CLAP Japanese Cuisine offers guests a fresh take on traditional Japanese cuisine. From sushi to sashimi, guests can savor authentic flavors and delicacies. The menu at CLAP Japanese Cuisine is carefully curated to provide guests with an unforgettable dining experience.

Iris Cafe

For those seeking tranquility, Iris Cafe offers a peaceful setting for dining. Guests can relax and enjoy a cup of coffee or a light meal in a serene atmosphere. Iris Cafe is the perfect place to unwind and recharge while enjoying a delicious meal or a refreshing beverage.

24-hour In-Residence Dining

Fairmont Ramla also provides a 24-hour in-residence dining service for ultimate dining convenience. Guests can enjoy a wide range of culinary options in the comfort of their guest rooms. Whether guests prefer to dine in privacy or enjoy a meal at any time of the day, the in-residence dining service at Fairmont Ramla caters to their needs.

Meetings and Events

Fairmont Ramla offers state-of-the-art meeting rooms and facilities for impactful business interactions. Whether guests are hosting a conference, a seminar, or a private event, Fairmont Ramla provides the perfect setting. Some of the meeting and event facilities at Fairmont Ramla include:

State-of-the-art Meeting Rooms

Fairmont Ramla features four state-of-the-art meeting rooms that exude modern elegance. These meeting rooms are equipped with cutting-edge multimedia technology, providing a seamless and productive environment for business interactions. From small meetings to larger conferences, Fairmont Ramla offers versatile spaces to meet the needs of guests.

Private Cinema Room

A unique spectacle awaits in the private cinema room at Fairmont Ramla. The cinema room offers private screenings in an intimate setting, plush VIP seating, and a delightful array of refreshments. Guests can enjoy a cinematic experience straight from their dreams in this luxurious and exclusive space.

Luxury Hospitality

Gateway to Riyadh

Fairmont Ramla serves as a gateway to the best of Riyadh. With its prime location in the heart of the city, guests can easily access the city’s attractions, business centers, and cultural landmarks. Fairmont Ramla offers a convenient and luxurious base for guests to explore and experience all that Riyadh has to offer.

Exceptional Service and Comfort

Fairmont Ramla is dedicated to providing exceptional service and comfort to its guests. From the moment guests arrive, they are greeted with warm hospitality and personalized attention. The staff at Fairmont Ramla goes above and beyond to ensure that guests have a comfortable and memorable stay, catering to their needs and preferences.

A Lifestyle Destination

More than just a hotel, Fairmont Ramla is a lifestyle destination. The property offers a range of amenities and experiences that cater to different aspects of guests’ lives. Whether guests are seeking relaxation, fitness, fine dining, or cultural immersion, Fairmont Ramla provides a comprehensive and luxurious lifestyle experience.

Opening Special Rates

To commemorate the opening, Fairmont Ramla offers special room rates starting from SAR 1350++. These rates include breakfast for two, late check-out, and special welcome amenities. Guests can take advantage of these opening rates until August 31st, 2023, and enjoy the luxurious experience of Fairmont Ramla at a special price.


Fairmont Ramla Serviced Residences Riyadh offers unmatched luxury living and a unique lifestyle experience. With its authentic Saudi heritage, range of leisure facilities, exceptional dining options, state-of-the-art meeting rooms, and unparalleled service, Fairmont Ramla is more than just a hotel—it is a destination. Whether guests are traveling for business or pleasure, Fairmont Ramla provides a luxurious and memorable stay that surpasses expectations. Guests can immerse themselves in the rich cultural details and enjoy a true sense of home during their stay at Fairmont Ramla.