Golden Hour Books: Newburgh’s First Independent Bookstore in 25 Years

Golden Hour Books has recently opened its doors in Newburgh, NY, and it is a remarkable occasion for the city as it marks the first independent bookstore in 25 years. Founded by former publicist at Penguin Random House, Angie Venezia, the store boasts an extensive inventory of new and used books, with a specific emphasis on literary fiction and nonfiction written by female authors. Additionally, the store offers a wide selection of cookbooks and children’s titles. Notably, Golden Hour Books stands out not only for its carefully curated collection but also for its beautifully designed interior, which was built and designed by Venezia’s husband. Looking forward, the bookstore plans to host author events as well as participate in local business collaborations, including a “grown-up book fair.”

About Golden Hour Books

Golden Hour Books is an independent bookstore located in Newburgh, NY. It is the first of its kind in the city in 25 years, making it a notable addition to the local literary community. The bookstore is owned by Angie Venezia, who has a background in book publishing and a deep passion for literature. Since its opening, Golden Hour Books has become a beloved destination for book lovers in the area. With a focus on both new and used books, the store offers a wide range of literary fiction and nonfiction titles.

One of the distinguishing features of Golden Hour Books is its specialization in certain genres and themes. The store places a strong emphasis on works written by female authors, highlighting the diversity and talent of women in the literary world. Additionally, Golden Hour Books has a rich collection of cookbooks, catering to culinary enthusiasts and those seeking inspiration in the kitchen. Moreover, the store has a dedicated section for children’s books, providing a nurturing environment where young readers can discover the joy of reading.

The Creation of Golden Hour Books

The creation of Golden Hour Books was a labor of love, designed and built by Angie Venezia’s husband. The interior design of the bookstore reflects the vision and atmosphere that Angie had in mind when she opened the store. The unique design elements create a welcoming and cozy ambiance, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the world of books. The attention to detail and thoughtful layout of the space contribute to an enjoyable and inspiring browsing experience.

Events and Partnerships

Golden Hour Books seeks to cultivate a sense of community and engagement through various events and partnerships. The store regularly hosts author events, inviting both established and emerging writers to share their work and engage with readers. These events provide an opportunity for book enthusiasts to meet their favorite authors, gain insights into the creative process, and deepen their appreciation for literature.

In addition to author events, Golden Hour Books organizes a grown-up book fair in collaboration with local businesses. This unique event brings together a diverse range of vendors, showcasing the talents and products of the local community. It creates a vibrant atmosphere where book lovers can explore not only books but also other artistic and artisanal offerings. This collaboration with local businesses strengthens the ties between the bookstore, the community, and the broader cultural landscape of Newburgh.

Furthermore, Golden Hour Books actively seeks partnerships with other organizations to expand its reach and impact. By collaborating with like-minded entities, the store can amplify its mission of promoting literature, supporting authors, and fostering a love for reading in the community. These partnerships may take the form of joint events, shared resources, or mutual promotion.

The Influence of Other Artists

Golden Hour Books draws inspiration from the world of art and incorporates elements of artistic expression within the store. Trunks Company, known for their ornate steamer trunks, is among the artists featured at the Salon Art + Design fair at the Park Avenue Armory. Golden Hour Books supports local artists who create these trunks, showcasing the craftsmanship and creativity behind these exquisite pieces. This collaboration highlights the intersection of literature and visual arts, creating a multi-dimensional experience for visitors.

Another artist who has influenced Golden Hour Books is Frances F. Denny. Her collection titled “Spellwork” is currently on display at Clamp gallery in Manhattan. Denny’s floral still lifes incorporate plastic childhood accessories sourced from her daughter’s playroom. This unique combination of childhood innocence and grown-up artistry adds an intriguing touch to the bookstore’s overall aesthetic.

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Angie Venezia: From Publishing to Bookstore Owner

Angie Venezia, the owner of Golden Hour Books, has a background in book publishing that lends a unique perspective to her role as a bookstore owner. As a former publicist at Penguin Random House, she has deep insights into the publishing industry and a keen understanding of what readers are looking for. This experience, coupled with her passion for literature, motivated Angie to open her own bookstore. Golden Hour Books serves as a platform for Angie to curate a collection of books that align with her own taste and perspective. By hand-selecting the titles, she ensures that the store offers a thoughtful and diverse array of literary fiction and nonfiction.

The Book Selection at Golden Hour Books

At Golden Hour Books, the book selection is carefully curated to cater to the diverse interests of readers. The store’s focus on literary fiction and nonfiction allows visitors to explore captivating narratives and poignant works of nonfiction. Golden Hour Books places a particular emphasis on women writers, championing their voices and celebrating their contributions to the literary world. From contemporary bestsellers to hidden gems, the store offers a wide range of titles that showcase the talent and diversity of women authors.

In addition to its literary offerings, Golden Hour Books boasts an extensive collection of cookbooks. Whether readers are seasoned chefs or beginners in the kitchen, the store provides a variety of culinary resources to inspire creativity and enhance cooking skills. From international cuisines to specialized diets, the cookbooks encompass a broad range of flavors and techniques.

Golden Hour Books also dedicates a significant portion of its inventory to children’s titles. Recognizing the importance of cultivating a love for reading from an early age, the store offers a diverse selection of books for young readers. From picture books to middle-grade novels, Golden Hour Books aims to foster a lifelong love for literature in children. With engaging storytelling and captivating illustrations, these children’s titles help young minds explore new worlds and ignite their imagination.

In conclusion, Golden Hour Books stands out as Newburgh’s first independent bookstore in 25 years, offering a unique and curated book selection. Driven by a passion for literature and a commitment to community engagement, Golden Hour Books has become a beloved destination for book lovers in the area. With its focus on women writers, cookbooks, and children’s titles, the store caters to a wide range of interests and fosters a love for reading among all age groups. Through events, partnerships, and artistic influences, Golden Hour Books enriches the cultural landscape of Newburgh, inspiring and connecting the community through the power of books.

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