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Gospel Singer Threatened with Removal from Delta Flight for Singing

In a recent viral video, a gospel singer named Bobbi Storm finds herself in a confrontation with a Delta flight attendant who threatens to remove her from the flight if she does not stop singing. The singer, who claims to be following divine instructions, refuses to comply with the attendant’s request to be quiet. The video sparked a debate online, with some criticizing Storm for being disruptive and others celebrating her expression of faith. This incident highlights the tension between individual freedom of expression and the need for passengers to adhere to airline instructions for the safety and comfort of all on board.


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In a recent incident, a gospel singer named Bobbi Storm was threatened with removal from a Delta Air Lines flight. The singer had refused to stop singing on the plane, stating that she was “doing what the Lord” told her to do. This incident was captured on video and quickly went viral, sparking both criticism and support for the singer. It is important to examine the details of the incident, the singer’s defense, the unanswered questions, the flight attendant’s ultimatum, the singer’s response, Delta’s statement, the singer’s explanation, and draw a conclusion based on the available information. (“A Delta crew member threatened to remove a passenger …” from

Details of the Incident

Flight attendant’s threat

The video of the incident shows a Delta flight attendant threatening to remove Bobbi Storm from the flight if she did not comply with his instructions to be quiet. The attendant claimed that he was not enjoying her singing and asked her to be silent.

Refusal to comply

Despite the flight attendant’s threat, Bobbi Storm refused to comply and continued singing. She believed that she should be allowed to share her talent and express her gratitude for the opportunities she had received.

Video goes viral

The video of the incident quickly spread across social media platforms, receiving both criticism and support. Many people debated whether Bobbi Storm’s behavior was disruptive or inspiring, which further fueled the controversy surrounding the incident.

Criticism and support

The incident received a mixed response from the public. Some criticized Bobbi Storm for causing a disturbance on the flight and ignoring the flight attendant’s instructions. Others praised her for standing up for her beliefs and expressing her talent in a public space.

Gospel Singer’s Defense

Expressing pride and gratitude

In response to the criticism she received, Bobbi Storm defended her actions by expressing her pride and gratitude for her accomplishments. She argued that if passengers are allowed to engage in various activities, such as talking loudly or using phones, singing should also be allowed as a form of self-expression.

Comparing to other behavior on flights

Bobbi Storm compared her singing on the flight to other behaviors that occur during flights, such as talking loudly or engaging in phone conversations. She questioned why her singing was seen as disruptive while other activities were deemed acceptable.

Promoting her mission

The gospel singer also stated that she was following her religious conviction to spread her message through song. She believed that the flight was an opportunity for her to fulfill her mission and share her talent with the world.

Unanswered Questions

Flight details

The specific details of the flight, such as its origin, destination, and date, are unknown. This information is crucial for a comprehensive understanding of the incident.

Flight attendant’s identity

The identity of the flight attendant involved in the incident has not been disclosed. Knowing the flight attendant’s identity could provide insight into their perspective and potential biases.

Response from Grammy-nominated group

The Grammy-nominated group that Bobbi Storm has performed with, Maverick City Music, did not immediately respond to the incident. Their response could shed light on their stance on the incident and provide further context.

Flight Attendant’s Ultimatum

Demand for silence

The flight attendant demanded that Bobbi Storm be quiet and threatened to remove her from the flight if she did not comply. He argued that her singing was disruptive and that she needed to follow his instructions.

Conflict with the singer

The flight attendant’s ultimatum led to a conflict between him and Bobbi Storm. She refused to comply with his demand and continued singing despite the potential consequences.

Potential consequences

By refusing to comply with the flight attendant’s ultimatum, Bobbi Storm faced the possibility of being removed from the flight and potentially facing further consequences. Her decision to continue singing demonstrated her commitment to her beliefs and mission.

Singer’s Response

Acceptance of consequences

Despite the potential consequences, Bobbi Storm accepted the risks associated with her decision to continue singing. She was willing to face the potential repercussions in order to stay true to her beliefs.

Continuation of singing

Bobbi Storm made it clear that she would not let this incident deter her from singing in the future. She remained committed to her passion for music and her calling to spread her message through song.

Support from passengers

During the incident, other passengers showed support for Bobbi Storm by not intervening or speaking out against her singing. Their solidarity and acceptance provided her with validation and encouragement.

Delta’s Statement

Emphasis on following crew instructions

Delta released a statement emphasizing the importance of following crew instructions for the safety of both passengers and crew. The airline stressed that complying with crew members’ directives is crucial to ensure a harmonious and safe travel experience.

Contact with the singer

Delta confirmed that they had been in contact with Bobbi Storm regarding the incident. The airline’s communication with the singer may indicate their willingness to address the situation and potentially resolve any issues.

Singer’s Explanation

Previous experiences of singing on flights

In one of her social media videos, Bobbi Storm revealed that she had sung on many flights before and believed that singing on this particular flight was a part of her mission. She referenced previous experiences where she was allowed to sing without any issues.

Religious conviction

Bobbi Storm explained that her singing was a result of her religious conviction and her desire to use her talent to spread her message of faith and hope. She believed that the incident was an opportunity to share her mission with a larger audience.

Timing of the incident

The timing of the incident, such as the occurrence after the flight had boarded and started to taxi, raised questions about why Bobbi Storm chose that particular moment to sing. Understanding the reasoning behind her decision could provide further insight into her perspective.


The incident involving Bobbi Storm singing on a Delta Air Lines flight has sparked a heated debate about the boundaries of self-expression and following instructions. While some view her actions as disruptive, others see them as inspirational and rooted in religious conviction. The unanswered questions surrounding the flight’s details, the flight attendant’s identity, and the response from Maverick City Music leave room for further exploration and understanding. Ultimately, this incident highlights the need for open dialogue and respectful communication regarding personal beliefs and expression within the context of a communal space such as an airplane.

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