You are currently viewing Expanding Your Horizons in Ultimate Corsica: Island bliss and rural relaxation

Expanding Your Horizons in Ultimate Corsica: Island bliss and rural relaxation

“Expanding Your Horizons in Ultimate Corsica: Island bliss and rural relaxation” takes readers on a captivating journey through the stunning landscapes and hidden gems of Corsica. From the picturesque seaside resort of Propriano to the exquisite Domaine de Murtoli, readers will discover the art of rural relaxation amidst breathtaking views of forests, mountains, and the sparkling ocean. Horseback riding along the beach, exploring ancient towns, and dining between olive trees are just a taste of the unforgettable experiences that await. With each paragraph painting a vivid picture of the island’s beauty and charm, readers will be enticed to embark on their own Corsican adventure.

Expanding Your Horizons in Ultimate Corsica: Island bliss and rural relaxation

Expanding Your Horizons in Ultimate Corsica: Island bliss and rural relaxation


Touching down in Ajaccio, visitors to Corsica can make their way south along winding roads to their first stop, the picturesque seaside resort of Propriano. But before reaching Propriano, a detour to the Valley of Taravo is highly recommended. This valley is home to archaeological sites dating back to Corsica’s Neolithic era, offering visitors the chance to discover an extraordinary array of statues and dolmens nestled amidst lush greenery and glistening rivers.

Once in Propriano, visitors will be spoiled for choice when it comes to dining options. The ancient town is lined with a vast selection of tempting restaurants and buzzing café terraces that overlook the marina. One highly recommended option is Chez de Parenti, a family-run restaurant known for its use of the freshest local ingredients and its beautiful terrace with stunning views of the marina.

After indulging in a delicious meal, it’s time to check in at the Domaine de Murtoli, a collection of beautifully converted 17th-century shepherd huts. Nestled amidst forests, mountains, and with breathtaking views of the sea, this secluded retreat offers a peaceful and idyllic setting for the next few days.

To truly immerse yourself in the Mediterranean atmosphere, a visit to The Table de la Plage is a must. Situated between olive trees on a terrace illuminated by thousands of candles, this restaurant sets the perfect mood for a memorable dining experience. With dishes like fresh grilled lobster, citrusy ravioli stuffed with wild thyme and sage, and sweet strawberry and pecan crumble, paired with traditional French wines, guests can delight in the tantalizing gourmet cuisine and the magical ambiance.


The next two days of the trip are dedicated to exploring the natural surroundings in various ways – on foot, by boat, and on horseback.

Embarking on a private boat excursion, visitors will have the opportunity to navigate Corsica’s magnificent coastline, discovering hidden creeks and untouched secret beaches along the way. Snorkeling in the vibrant blue waters adds to the adventure and allows for a closer connection with the marine environment. After a day at sea, returning to Domaine de Murtoli provides a chance to relax and unwind.

The following day, a horseback ride along the beach awaits. With a knowledgeable guide leading the way, guests can enjoy a leisurely trot through green meadows, country lanes lined with olive trees, and finally arrive at the ocean’s edge at sunset. This bucket list-worthy experience allows riders to admire the beauty of Corsica’s coastline, nestled between green-carpeted mountains and sweeping white sands.

In the evening, visitors can head to Ospédale for a mesmerizing night of stargazing. Observing the wonders of the Milky Way in the fresh mountain air, accompanied by a local expert guide, provides a fascinating insight into the world of astrophysics. To enhance the experience, a gourmet picnic dinner beneath the stars completes the magical evening.

Expanding Your Horizons in Ultimate Corsica: Island bliss and rural relaxation


Leaving Domaine de Murtoli behind, travelers will journey to Porto Vecchio and Bonifacio, two must-visit locations in Corsica. In Bonifacio, a city boasting winding alleys and medieval townhouses perched on white limestone cliffs, visitors can explore the lively port and the charming historic center with its earthy-hued cobbled streets.

Upon arrival in Porto Vecchio, the elegant and sun-soaked shores set the scene for a luxurious stay at Casadelmar. The hotel’s suites, complete with private terraces overlooking palm trees and the Mediterranean Sea, offer breathtaking views and an escape to tranquility. Exploring the nearby gardens, beach, and town center further adds to the delightful experience.

While in Porto Vecchio, travelers can immerse themselves in the world of wine production. Hiking up from the coast, guests can visit the Zuria Wine Estate, a family-owned winery located between the sea and the sky. Surrounded by grape-laden vines on rare limestone soils, visitors can sample the finest Corsican wines and appreciate the breathtaking views of the ocean.


The final leg of the trip offers a variety of experiences, allowing travelers to choose between hiking, swimming, beach-hopping, and canyoning.

Exploring the surrounding beaches along Corsica’s stunning coastline is a must-do activity. From La Plage Casadelmar to Plage Palombagia, visitors will discover peaceful bays adorned with red granite rocks, lined with pine forests, and bathed in crystal-clear waters. The breathtaking views of the Cerbicale isles provide the perfect backdrop for a day of relaxation and exploration.

Leaving the Gulf of Porto Vecchio behind, adventure seekers can head inland to Canyon du Pulischellu for canyoning. Accompanied by a private guide, visitors can enjoy the thrill of navigating through tumbling waterfalls, shallow emerald pools, and the dense forests of Corsica’s Regional Natural Park. This aquatic journey showcases the striking natural surroundings, including the towering Needles of Bavella and the sun-drenched beauty of Corsica.

Corsica offers an unforgettable journey through ancient towns, natural wonders, and culinary delights. The diverse experiences, from exploring archaeological sites and indulging in gourmet cuisine to horseback riding along the beach and canyoning through breathtaking landscapes, ensure that every traveler can find their own unique bliss on this captivating French island. With its scented air, vibrant vineyards, and heavenly bays, Corsica truly is a dream destination for those seeking an ultimate escape into nature and tranquility.


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