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How to Take the Whole Family Skiing Without Going Broke

In the article “How to Take the Whole Family Skiing Without Going Broke,” Elaine Glusac explores the rising trend of ski areas offering discounted passes for families with children. Recognizing the financial burden of skiing, especially with multiple kids, resorts and state ski associations have introduced affordable options to entice families to try the sport. From Colorado Ski Country USA’s Kids’ Ski Passport to state-wide discount passes in Vermont and Utah, these offerings provide a low-risk opportunity for families to see if skiing is a hobby worth pursuing. These discount passes not only make skiing more accessible for families but also help cultivate a love for the sport among the younger generation.

Whole Family Skiing Activity

Skiing is a popular outdoor activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family. However, it is no secret that skiing can be an expensive endeavor. From gear costs to travel expenses, the overall cost of a skiing trip can quickly add up. This article aims to provide information on how families can enjoy skiing without breaking the bank.

The Expense of Skiing

Before delving into the various ways to save money on skiing, it is important to understand the overall expense involved in this activity. Skiing requires specific gear, such as skis, boots, and helmets, which can be quite costly, especially when purchasing gear for the entire family. Additionally, skiing often involves travel to mountainous regions, which can further increase the expenses with accommodations, transportation, and lift passes.

Gear Costs

One of the major expenses associated with skiing is the cost of gear. Skiing involves a range of equipment, including skis, boots, poles, helmets, and outerwear. Purchasing gear for each family member can quickly become a significant investment. However, there are ways to minimize these costs. One option is to consider renting gear instead of purchasing it. Many ski resorts offer rental services, allowing families to save money by avoiding the upfront cost of buying gear. Another option is to look for second-hand gear, either through online marketplaces or local ski shops. This can significantly reduce the expense while still providing quality equipment.

Travel Costs

In addition to gear costs, families also need to consider travel expenses when planning a skiing trip. Depending on where a family lives, traveling to a ski resort can involve substantial costs for transportation, accommodation, and food. To minimize these expenses, families can explore various options. For instance, choosing a ski resort that is within driving distance can save money on airfare. Additionally, families can consider staying in budget-friendly accommodations, such as vacation rentals or cabins, instead of expensive hotels. Planning meals ahead of time and packing snacks can also help reduce food costs during the trip.

Discounted Passes

One of the most effective ways to save money on skiing is by taking advantage of discounted passes. Many ski resorts and state ski associations offer discounted passes specifically tailored for families and children. These passes provide access to multiple resorts at reduced rates, allowing families to explore different slopes without breaking the bank.

Discounted Passes for Children in Third to Sixth Grade

One of the most prevalent types of discounted passes is available for children in the third to sixth grade. These passes are designed to encourage younger children to try skiing and snowboarding without the financial burden that comes with it. By providing access to multiple resorts at a reduced cost, these passes make it easier for families to introduce their children to the sport.

Colorado Ski Country USA, for example, offers its Kids’ Ski Passport, which grants holders four days of skiing at 20 Colorado ski areas for just $65. This pass is available to all children in the specified grade range, regardless of where they live. Programs like these not only make skiing more affordable for families but also allow children to explore different resorts and find the ones they enjoy the most.

Discounted Passes for Tweens and Teens

In addition to discounted passes for younger children, some ski resorts offer passes specifically targeted at tweens and teens. These passes are designed to cater to the age group that may have already developed an interest in skiing but are not yet adults. By offering reduced rates, ski resorts aim to encourage participation among this demographic.

The Gems Teen Pass introduced by Colorado Ski Country USA is an excellent example. This pass, priced at $199, allows teens aged 12 to 17 to ski at 11 different ski areas for two days each. By providing an affordable option for this age group, ski resorts make it more accessible for families with older children to continue enjoying the sport together.

Children’s Discount Passes Offered by State Ski Associations

Apart from individual ski resorts, state ski associations also offer discounted passes for families. These passes are often available for both residents and visitors, providing an opportunity for families to explore the slopes in different states without incurring excessive costs. State ski associations partner with various resorts to offer bundled passes, allowing families to enjoy a variety of skiing experiences.

By taking advantage of these discounted passes, families can access multiple resorts at reduced rates, making skiing more affordable and accessible for everyone.

Benefits of Discounted Passes

Discounted passes offer several benefits for families looking to ski on a budget. One of the main advantages is the ability to share costs with other families. By pooling resources, families can split lodging and transportation expenses, making the trip more cost-effective for everyone involved. Additionally, discounted passes allow families to explore different resorts and find the ones that best suit their preferences, without the financial burden of purchasing individual lift passes for each location.

In conclusion, skiing can be an expensive activity, particularly for families. However, by taking advantage of discounted passes and exploring cost-saving options for gear and travel, families can enjoy the thrill of skiing without breaking the bank. These passes offer reduced rates for children, tweens, and teens, making skiing more accessible and encouraging future generations to participate in this exhilarating sport. By planning ahead and considering various cost-saving strategies, families can create lasting memories on the slopes without going broke.

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