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The 8 Most-Read Travel Stories of 2023

In the article titled “The 8 Most-Read Travel Stories of 2023,” the author reflects on the chaotic yet adventurous year of travel. Despite the challenges, travelers continued to fly, and readers eagerly consumed stories that transported them to different destinations. From exploring Paris in 36 hours to discovering great walks in various cities around the world, these travel stories captivated readers’ attention. In addition, unusual trends like fake A.I.-generated guidebooks and dogs flying in private jets emerged, showcasing the ever-evolving world of travel. By delving into the most-read stories of the year, this article offers a glimpse into the topics and experiences that resonated with travelers in 2023.

The 8 Most-Read Travel Stories of 2023

Say Goodbye to Daily Hotel Room Cleaning

In 2023, one of the most-read travel stories was about the disappearance of daily hotel room cleaning. Travel rebounded to prepandemic levels, but hotels started to make changes to their cleaning policies. While this may be good for sustainability, as it reduces the amount of laundry, hotel unions are concerned about the potential impact on housekeepers’ jobs. Some travelers expressed their discontent, comparing staying in a hotel without daily housekeeping to going out for a nice dinner and being expected to stay and do the dishes afterward.

Whether You Call It ‘Skiplagging’ or ‘Hidden-City Travel,’ It’s Contentious

A term that gained popularity in 2023 was “skiplagging” or “hidden-city travel.” Passengers discovered that in some cases, booking airfares as a layover to a different destination could result in cheaper prices. By disembarking at the layover destination and not boarding the second leg of the flight, travelers could save money. However, airlines were not pleased with this practice, and American Airlines even banned a teenager for three years for utilizing this strategy. Travelers who have dealt with various inconveniences caused by airlines saw this as a way to get back at the industry.

36 Hours in Paris

It comes as no surprise that a guide to spending 36 hours in Paris was one of the most-read travel stories of 2023. Written by Laura Cappelle, a Paris-based theater critic for The Times, the guide took readers on a journey to explore a different side of the French capital. From climbing the spiral, wrought-iron staircase in Gustave Moreau’s art studio to sitting down at the Basilica of Sacré Coeur de Montmartre and marveling at the beautiful view of the city, readers were captivated by the charm and beauty of Paris.

Why Did 488 Golden Retrievers Gather in Scotland?

The Guisachan Gathering in Scotland, which brought together 488 golden retrievers to commemorate the anniversary of the breed’s founding, caught the attention of readers. Many dog lovers were enchanted by the idea of a peaceful and crime-free society if everyone had a golden retriever. This heartwarming event showcased the special bond humans have with their furry companions and the joy they bring to our lives.

In 7 Great Cities, 7 Great Walks

Exploring a new city on foot is one of the most enjoyable ways to experience its culture and attractions. The article highlighted seven great city walks in different parts of the world. From following a 600-year-old fortress wall in Seoul to strolling along Rio de Janeiro’s beaches and navigating the labyrinthine passageways in Marrakesh, readers were inspired to add these walks to their travel bucket lists. The article emphasized the importance of getting lost in a city to truly discover its hidden gems.

Help! A Check-In Agent’s Mistake Made Me Miss an Antarctic Cruise and I’m Out $17,000.

Travel is not always smooth sailing, and sometimes unexpected situations can ruin well-planned trips. This Tripped Up column, part of The Times’ travel advice series, struck a chord with readers who have experienced similar frustrations. In this particular story, a check-in agent’s mistake led to a traveler missing an Antarctic cruise and losing $17,000. The article not only shared the reader’s plight but also provided insights on how to handle such situations and seek a refund. The resourcefulness of the columnist in securing a full refund resonated with readers.

‘Never a Reason to Take Off Your Socks’: A Flight Attendant’s 12 Etiquette Rules

Airline etiquette is an important aspect of traveling, and readers were eager to learn the rules from a seasoned flight attendant. Kristie Koerbel, with more than 20 years of experience in the industry, shared her 12 etiquette rules that every traveler should follow. From not taking off your socks during a flight to being mindful of personal space, these rules aimed to create a comfortable and respectful environment for all passengers. Readers related to the frustration of encountering fellow travelers who disregarded basic etiquette and commended the article for reminding people of the importance of decorum while flying.

52 Places to Go in 2023

The annual list of 52 places worth visiting in 2023 sparked excitement and discussions among readers. Whether it was to plan future trips or simply to broaden their knowledge and imagination through armchair travel, readers appreciated the article’s coverage of diverse destinations around the globe. Many readers expressed gratitude for being able to dream and appreciate the beauty and diversity of the planet, even if they couldn’t physically travel to all these places. The article served as a reminder of the endless possibilities and wonders awaiting travelers in the world.

In conclusion, the most-read travel stories of 2023 covered a wide range of topics, from hotel room cleaning changes to controversial travel practices, city guides, pet gatherings, travel mishaps, flight etiquette, and destination recommendations. These stories resonated with readers, offering insights, inspiration, and opportunities for discussion. Despite the challenges the travel industry faced, individuals remained eager to explore, learn, and dream about the many adventures the world has to offer.

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