Paris’s Colorful Hotel Revolution

Until recently, Parisian hotels remained faithful to the classic aesthetics of the city, hesitant to veer from the tried and tested formula. The opulent palace hotels served as reminders of French heritage, with their elegant yet impersonal interiors. However, Paris’s reputation is undergoing a transformation, fueled in part by its growing influence in contemporary arts and culture. The city is shedding its self-seriousness and embracing a new wave of small, eclectic hotels that prioritize delight over mere impressiveness. From the enchanting Maison Proust in the Marais, with its candlelit Belle Époque ambiance, to the candy-colored Le Grand Mazarin nearby, these hotels transport guests to other worlds. Finally catching up with the likes of New York and London, Paris is discovering the power of smaller, design-driven accommodations that have something unique to offer.

Paris’s Colorful Hotel Revolution

Paris, the capital city of France, has long been known for its classic aesthetics and heritage. The city’s hotel scene, dominated by gilded palace hotels and traditional French designs, has focused on maintaining the timeless charm of Paris. However, a recent shift has taken place, with the emergence of new hotels that embrace color and quirkiness. These hotels, from the vibrant Marais to the elegant Champs-Élysées, offer a refreshing departure from the traditional Parisian hotel experience. In this article, we will explore some of Paris’s newest and most exciting hotels that are revolutionizing the city’s hospitality industry.

Maison Proust: A Belle Époque Fantasy

Tucked away in the Marais district, Maison Proust captivates visitors with its candlelit Belle Époque fantasy. Designed to transport guests to another era, this hotel is a hidden gem behind tasseled indigo velvet curtains. The interiors of Maison Proust evoke the romance and grandeur of the Belle Époque period, with luxurious furnishings and delicate details. Every room is a work of art, combining opulence and sophistication to create a truly immersive experience. Maison Proust represents the epitome of Parisian charm, offering guests a unique and enchanting stay.

Le Grand Mazarin: Contrasting Styles and Eras

Located in the heart of the Marais district, Le Grand Mazarin is a hotel that pushes the boundaries of design. Renowned designer Martin Brudnizki has created a visual spectacle by blending contrasting styles and eras in a swirl of candy colors. The result is a vibrant and playful atmosphere that captivates the senses. Le Grand Mazarin celebrates individuality and creativity, offering guests an immersive experience that is both visually stunning and deeply engaging. This hotel is a testament to Paris’s newfound willingness to embrace bold and unconventional design.

La Fantaisie: Fanciful Bucolic Escape

For those seeking a whimsical and bucolic retreat, La Fantaisie is the perfect destination. Located in the fashionable area of Pigalle, this hotel is a true escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Designed by Martin Brudnizki, La Fantaisie features pistachio and pastel yellow hues, creating a dreamy and idyllic atmosphere. The rooftop bar is adorned with fruit trees, while botanical mosaics tile Roman-bath-style dipping pools. The California-inspired restaurant, Golden Poppy, overseen by French chef Dominique Crenn, offers a culinary experience that complements the hotel’s playful and fanciful ambiance.

L’Eldorado: Retro Glamour in the Batignolles

L’Eldorado is a hotel that brings retro glamour to the charming neighborhood of Batignolles. This hotel, opened in anticipation of the upcoming Summer Olympic Games in Paris, combines cheetah-print and rattan-accented interiors to create a sense of nostalgia and opulence. The 26 guest rooms evoke the sensation of stepping into a luxuriously patterned Victorian jewel box, with lush House of Hackney velvet and linen prints adorning every surface. L’Eldorado is a homage to a bygone era, offering guests a glamorous and indulgent stay in the heart of Batignolles.

Hôtel des Grands Voyageurs: Restoring Wanderlust to Saint-Placide

Designed by Italian architect and designer Fabrizio Casiraghi, Hôtel des Grands Voyageurs seeks to restore a sense of wanderlust to the residential neighborhood of Saint-Placide. This hotel embraces the streamlined curves and restless optimism of sleeper trains and trans-Atlantic ocean liners. Its Franco-American brasserie serves seafood towers, while a hidden bar invites visitors to immerse themselves in a starry night-sky motif. The hotel’s 138 elegant rooms are adorned with carpets featuring the same celestial pattern, creating a sense of continuity and enchantment throughout the property. Hôtel des Grands Voyageurs offers guests a unique and inspiring experience in a neighborhood that still retains its Parisian charm.

Norman Hôtel and Spa: Small and Exacting Refuges

In the imposing Eighth Arrondissement, a cluster of small and exacting hotels have emerged, offering refuge and respite from the bustling city streets. Among them is Norman Hôtel and Spa, which pays tribute to its namesake, American artist and graphic designer Norman Ives. Neutral-toned midcentury modern furnishings create an atmosphere of elegance and tranquility. The hotel features a courtyard cafe, a plush ground-floor lobby with a library nook and fireplace, and 29 sharply tailored rooms and eight suites. Norman Hôtel and Spa offers guests a serene and intimate retreat in the heart of Paris.

Hôtel de la Boétie: Charming Offbeat Design

Located on the Champs-Élysées, Hôtel de la Boétie is a charming and offbeat hotel that defies expectations. Designed by Swedish designer Beata Heuman, this hotel showcases a bold and mischievous palette of periwinkle, emerald green, and dark navy. The 40 guest rooms feature bespoke woven headboards, adorned with rococo motifs inspired by the marble tiling of Florentine chapels. The airy and minimalist breakfast room, with its supersaturated three-foot-long painting, offers a quintessentially French experience. Hôtel de la Boétie is a celebration of individuality and creativity, offering guests a unique and memorable stay.


Paris’s hotel scene is undergoing a colorful and exciting revolution. From the Belle Époque fantasy of Maison Proust to the contrasting styles and eras of Le Grand Mazarin, these hotels are redefining what it means to stay in the City of Light. La Fantaisie offers a fanciful bucolic escape, while L’Eldorado brings retro glamour to Batignolles. Hôtel des Grands Voyageurs restores wanderlust to Saint-Placide, while Norman Hôtel and Spa provides small and exacting refuges. Hôtel de la Boétie charms with its offbeat design. Each of these hotels offers a unique and immersive experience, showcasing the vibrant and diverse spirit of Paris’s hotel revolution.

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